Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday of the Second Week
The readings for today bring to mind how difficult it is to understand the injustices of life we see and face. How much greater the perplexity as we try to walk with Jesus towards all the injustice He will endure for us. 
Jeremiah finds that the people he has prayed for and protected are now plotting to be rid of him. Jeremiah asks God if good must always be repaid with evil.

This parallels the reading from Matthew where Jesus is returning to Jerusalem with His disciples and tells them that the Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and scribes and will be condemned to death. He will be raised on the third day. The mother of the sons of Zebedee asks Jesus that her sons be seated next to Him in His kingdom. Jesus understands her request then explains that even He does not choose such settling of accounts. Jesus shows His humility before the Father and points out what we can understand and do, is, namely, be servants to one another in God's name and trust in the loving goodness of the Father.

The psalm is perfect for those times when we cannot find the justice we seek, or understand the infinite loving goodness of our Father:
       "I say, ‘You are my God.’
      In your hands is my destiny;
      rescue me from the clutches of my enemies and my persecutors.
      Save me, O Lord, in your kindness."
Dear Jesus, please keep me mindful of the need of Your humility in the presence of our eternal, loving, and saving Father.
Stephanie Noakes, ’80, M’09, Office of Admission
First Reading: Jeremiah 18:18-20
Psalm 31:5-6, 14-16
Gospel: Matthew 20:17-28

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