Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday of the Fourth Week
Despite being made aware that there are conspiracies against him, Jeremiah has faith that the Lord will guide and protect him. It is here that we must take a lesson from Jeremiah. Despite the trials and hardships that we may witness in others’ lives, or experience in our own, we must remain faithful that the Lord, through His knowledge and understanding, will be there to guide us through our tough times.
In the Gospel, Jesus is ridiculed for His teachings in the temple. The religious elites attempt to have Him arrested, but Nicodemus comes to His aide calling for a just trial before any man is condemned. Again, we see the carriage of justice as an act of God through Nicodemus. While Jesus will later be arrested, the plan God has for Him is not yet finished. Jesus, much like Jeremiah, finds Himself in the protection of the Lord and continues to spread the word of God.
We have much to learn from Jeremiah and Jesus, both of whom placed their trust in God and continued to spread God’s teachings in spite of those who wished them harm; and learn from Nicodemus who, outnumbered by his colleagues, stood for justice and protected the weak.
Lord, may we be forever faithful in Your guidance despite hardships and challenging times. And may You bless those who, through Your acts, protect and provide justice to the rest of Your flock.
William Lowe, ’16
First Reading: Jeremiah 11:18-20
Psalm 7:2-3, 9b-12
Gospel: John 7:40-53
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