Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday of the Second Week
We often fall victim to our own jealousy. Jealousy of other people’s possessions, of the gifts that others have, and of other people’s relationships, much like the brothers of Joseph who were jealous of Joseph’s relationship with their father, Isaac. Like Joseph’s brothers, we often let our jealousy cloud our vision from the blessings that we have in our own lives, and the blessings that exist in the world around us. Instead of appreciating these things, our jealousy makes us want more than what we already have, more than what we need; we want what others have, what we believe we lack in our own lives.

It is important to focus not on what others have, but on what our own gifts are. By doing this, we free ourselves from the chains that can hold us down, the chains of our own jealousy. Once we are free of these chains, we can focus on the world around us and see the beauty that God has provided in our lives. It is through these things provided for us by God that we can succeed in our lives. Sometimes the path is not always clear like Joseph’s, or any of his brothers, but when we focus on what God has blessed us with, we can succeed.

Lord, thank You for all of the gifts in my life.  Thank You for the blessings I receive every day and those which I will receive in the future. Help me to not be jealous of others. Let me use my gifts to spread Your word and compassion to others.

Caitlin D’Amore, ’18


First Reading: Genesis 37:3-4, 12-13a, 17b-28a
Psalm 105:16-21
Gospel: Matthew 21:33-43, 45-46

Daily Scripture readings can be found online at the USCCB website

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