Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday of the Second Week
“Remember that I stood before you, to speak in their behalf, to turn away your wrath from them.” Jeremiah 18:18-20

The readings today focus on the idea of good overcoming evil. The examples of both Jeremiah, in the first reading, and Jesus, in the Gospel, present the idea that they will be condemned and eventually executed by their enemies. Yet, they are willing to give their lives for these exact people, requesting that God forgive them for what they will finally do. The ultimate sacrifice that Jesus and Jeremiah perform is the truest act of selflessness and kindness, not only dying for the Lord, but dying in order to save the Lord’s people from sin. We ask today that God save us in His kindness and that we may somehow, during this season of Lent, find it in our hearts to be kind to one another. May we be open to forgiveness to those who have hurt us, even when it may be challenging, as Jesus and Jeremiah once were to those who had wronged them.
Lord, enable us to be like Jesus and Jeremiah.  Allow us to show kindness in the face of our enemies and to be selfless followers of Your word.  Amen.

Alex Byrne, ‘14
First Reading: Jeremiah 18:18-20
Psalm 31:5-6, 14-16
Gospel: Matthew 20:17-28

Daily Scripture readings can be found online at the USCCB website

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